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Tree Services Louisville, KY

Your Trusted Tree Service Company for over 60 Years.

Four generations of the Ray family have provided over 100 years of tree services throughout Kentucky and Indiana. Bob Ray Co., Inc., Certified Arborists are highly qualified and educated in the most up-to-date scientifically-based plant care advances. We strive to bring the best tree services in Louisville KY and beyond.

DID YOU KNOW? Trees have existed for over 380 Million years!

Have a troubled tree on your property? Need an expert opinion on if it can be saved or removed? Learn what options you have to make your property as safe as possible, look great, and help to increase its value.

Residential · Commercial · Municipal · Pruning/Trimming · Removal · Stump Grinding · Cabling/Bracing · Storm Damage · Clean Up · & More!

Healthy trees have both a financial and environmental impact. A healthy tree increases the value of your property and it provides energy savings and air quality benefits for the owner.

Fertilization · Emerald Ash Borer Treatment · Dutch Elm Disease Treatment · Insecticide Spray and Trunk Wash · Fungicide Spray · Dormant Oil Spray · & More!

Progress and change is a part of life, which sometimes includes Land Clearing. This division uses its large array of equipment to complete services ranging from selective thinning for residential property to clearing for all sizes of commercial developments.

Selective Thinning · Storm Clean Up · Commercial Development · Municipal Projects · & More!

Our certifications

Bob Ray Co., Inc., has numerous ISA-Certified Arborists on staff who continually increase their knowledge with ongoing education for various tree care services. Our Arborists maintain certifications and stay up-to-date in all aspects of tree services and plant health care. Bob Ray Co.’s experienced and dependable tree pruning and tree removal crews are courteous and respectful of your property and work hard to satisfy your highest expectations. We offer a variety of tree services in Louisville and surrounding areas. 

DID YOU KNOW? We have 7 Certified Arborists on staff!

Bob Ray Co., Inc., offers full circle tree services from assessment and health care to removal and recycling. All brush, branches, and ground roots are recycled into high-quality products such as mulch, compost and topsoil. Bob Ray Co., Inc., partners with Natural Products, LLC, and we are dedicated to maximizing the use of wood — our greatest renewable energy.

Customer Reviews

Finding a local, responsible and certified tree service company can be difficult. Bob Ray Co., Inc., is dedicated to providing the most professional and safe service possible. Just see what the many happy customers of Bob Ray Co. Inc. have to say.

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