We Offer Removal of Trees, Brush and Any Undesired Vegetation.

Bob Ray Co., Inc., employs trained, qualified and knowledgeable Land Clearing Operators.

For residential homeowners, our services include clearing for a new home, any home additions, and property maintenance. We also offer commercial land clearing.

Bob Ray Co., Inc., strives to ensure that, with keen focus, we utilize the renewable resources by marketing the timber and processing nonmarketable timber into hardwood mulch or green energy fuel chips.

  • Whole Tree Chippers / Grinders
  • Forestry-Equipped Excavators
  • Forestry Harvesters
  • Stump Harvesters
  • Feller Bunchers
  • Log Skidders
Our OTHER Services

Bob Ray Co., Inc. offers a variety of services because we believe that increasing clients knowledge about trees, is the most effective way to serve our customers.  We offer tips, techniques and care options in order to help clients increase the lifespan and health of their trees.

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