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Bob Ray Co., Inc., has been a leader in Tree Removal for 60 years.

Our Certified Arborists and Tree Removal Specialists are committed to providing you with the highest quality of services and upholding OSHA-compliant safety standards to make sure every job is completed safely for you and our dedicated crew.

Despite our love and need for trees, their removal is required on occasion. This can be due to a variety of reasons. Trees become structurally unsound, putting individuals and/or structures at risk. This can then provide a safety concern to the home or property owner. Our crew of certified arborists can provide professional guidance to the homeowner if a tree should be removed or if it can be saved (Tree Health). Bob Ray Co. uses high-tech equipment and highly trained workers to minimize the impact of the removal.

Trees are a great investment for any property, but a tree planted in an inappropriate area can cause future problems. Make sure to consult our certified arborists before planting a tree. Trust your tree removal with our team at Bob Ray Co., Inc.

The Bob Ray Co., Inc., is committed to providing the highest quality of service for all your tree care and removal needs whether it be pruning, maintaining, or removal for residential and commercial customers.

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Our vast experience in the tree care industry goes back almost 100 years. Our methods and technology may have changed but our professionalism and hard work has stayed the same. We have a wide variety of equipment that keeps your property safe and our crews safe in the field. Our staff is well experienced in tree removal involving cranes, bucket trucks, chippers and more. We are certified arborists as well as follow TCIA best practices. We carry full insurance and will provide any information that you may request.

Trees can be a great investment for any property but a tree placed in the wrong place can cause headaches down the road. Make sure to consult our certified arborists before planting a tree so we can help save you from a headache down the road.

Benefits Of hiring a Professional tree removal company

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association · Numerous Certified Arborists · TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional · Numerous Pesticide Licensed Technicians

You did your best, watered your tree, trimmed the branches and tried fertilizer but there is no denying the tree has met its demise and is now a hazard on your property. What is the next step? Do your research online and look for certified arborists in your area. Before your tree removal, check with the Better Business Bureau and thoroughly vet your tree care company. Bob Ray Co., Inc., is TCIA certified, fully insured, Carries an A+ rating with the BBB and is active in the community. Don’t wait to remove your tree, reach out today.

 We all procrastinate from time to time. Procrastinating on removing a storm damaged or failing tree can cause more problems when winter, high wind or storms come through your area. A tree that has been compromised is not structurally sound and can break or fall over more easily. While trees provide our lives with clean, healthy air to breath a damaged tree can cause havoc on our homes and property. Be sure to call one of our certified arborists to schedule a consultation to remove that tree before it’s too late.

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Bob Ray Co., Inc., offers a variety of services because we believe that increasing our client’s knowledge about trees is the most effective way to serve them.  We offer tips, techniques and care options in order to help clients increase the lifespan and health of their trees. Click here for a free estimate

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Should You Hire A Tree Removal Company in Louisville KY

What should you do with a tree? Can you remove it yourself? Here are a few tips. Always consult a professional before removing trees.

Whether to chop down a sizable tree can be an agonizing decision. Big trees are a part of natural history. The bigger the trunk, the older the tree. Occasionally these big trees include fond memories of childhood. Some of my best memories are of sitting in trees with friends.  Nevertheless, large trees may also turn out to be a problem. They are able to cause a great deal of damage to foundations, sewer lines and even your house. There are several questions you need to ask yourself before cutting down a large tree along with it a piece of history.

1. Is it out of the question to build around it?
Some trees are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you have a sizable tree right outside your patio, or next to your house, it may seem impossible to work around it but there are very creative ways to build and still maintain the beauty and VALUE of your tree. Some of the most gorgeous decks I have ever seen have a tree right in the middle.  The tree will provide fantastic shade throughout the summer months.

2. Do you have an emotional attachment?
Think twice about removing any tree with ANY emotional attachments. For example, you might discover a large maple tree quite annoying when it drops leaves on your lawn every year, but if it was gone, you would no longer have the ability to stare at the limbs your children once climbed. Once it is cut down, it is down forever.

3. Is it Even Legal to Cut Your Tree Down?
Believe it or not, you will find some states that determine what kinds of trees you are able to cut down (even on your own property). You might be required to pay for a permit. WE are not kidding! Make sure you check with your nearby forestry department for any conditions.

4. Does the Tree Cause Structural Harm?
Occasionally a tree simply has to go. If the tree is causing structural damage to your home, you’ve no choice but to take it down. For example, occasionally big trees close to a home can rot eaves or clog water pipes. Keep this in mind whenever you plant new trees. Make certain they’re far enough from your home to prevent future damage.

5. It is Too Costly?
Cutting a sizable tree down might appear easy enough, but usually you need to hire tree service experts for the job. If your home is close to the tree, the cost could skyrocket. Tree removal may be the MOST costly option.  Hire a certified Arborist or a reputable tree service company.  Once you receive an estimate for the cutting, make certain the price is worth the loss.

It is tough to make a decision to cut down a piece of history. Every time you cut down a tree that’s precisely what you’re doing. Nevertheless, occasionally people have no choice. Make certain you ask your self these questions prior to making a final decision on Tree Removal.